A Schnauzer a day

Here is the tune I created for a new american games-podcast. It’s for…y’know the kids, so it’s a bit more modern than you would expect from the S.R.O.
While making this I repeated this mantra:
‘No nintendo music, no nintendo music’, since that’s the most obvious and coolest thing to do, but the show would cover all types of game-platforms. And you know how those fanboys can be 😉
Instead I decided to do a tribute to 20 years of gaming experience, from the classic arcades, to the c64 to the ps2 to the xbox 360…. it’s got a bit of everyting…


4 Comments on “A Schnauzer a day

  1. There is one coming very soon. I think you’ll like this. New tune for a podcast which premieres this week. (that’s why I couldn’t post this sooner)
    Hang in there 😛

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