Manic Monday #3


A rough mix of a nearly finished song… ‘Faraway’, a vox continental feature and a bit rougher than a ‘normal’ schnauzer-tune.If I look back at this song, it’s allmost ridiculous how much time allready went into this one. Allmost a year later from picking the samples from vinyl, it finally came together. Oh, and the vox was a big help also 🙂
This one has WAY too much bass in it, but hey: it’s not finished yet!

With this song, the Schnauzer Radio Orchestra added 2 members:
drums: Tim Wood, Bass: Ton vd Kolk.



1 Comment on “Manic Monday #3

  1. Lesson no 1: there’s NEVER too much bass in a song 😉 Especially not when it’s that twangy. Great tune mister!

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