Manic Monday #9


At last boys and girls. I am so relieved to have this tune in a finished state. Those of you who have read the blog in the last couple of weeks know what I’m talking about. Also the idea to do a zombie tune was really hard.
A monster-tune is easy to do. Just add a church-organ, grunting, bats flapping, girls scream and there you go: a monster-mash!
But a Zombie-tune is something else. Your average zombie has a very limited vocabulary; ‘braaaaiiighnnss!’ And most zombie flicks I watched were musically -to say it gently-: disappointing.
For this tune I didn’t have much reference to get inspiration (apart from Len’s Zombie art). In the end I went for a Philicorda organ, a Ukelele, and a marimba. Together that makes this a very sunny ‘march of the zombies’. Thanks Len for the inspiration and idea.



5 Comments on “Manic Monday #9

  1. The march of the zombies is wonderful!!! I’ll use it in my next 50’s style short horror film. by the way… can I call you to compose the soundtrack for this project? I’m shooting it in super8, to have a vintage atmosphere… let me know! PHILICORDA RULES THE WORLD!!!!

  2. I really gotta know – is there some way I could get the MP3 of this? It’s been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it and I want to own it!

  3. Am upstairs hiding from the Strauss new years concert. Surfed to your site for some relief. Thanks, just what my nerves needed. Phew!

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