Manic Monday #13

Of course! Now I understand! Manic Monday the 13th. That was bound to go wrong. Still a little shaky due to the fact that normality has been restored.
I admit it, I’m a gamer. I can’t stop thinking about it, being it mmorpg’s, console-games, or even retro-style text-adventures. I’ve decided to stop looking for a decent game to play, but just to get on with it. No more new time-consuming adventures, but quick fun-bursts of retro gaming. (I like the sound of those games better anyway 🙂 ).
So with dosbox and frodo installed on my macbook, I’m ready to pick up all the adventures I haven’t get around 10 years ago.
The ‘sid’ was the sound chip used in the good old C64, hence the name of the tune:

SID-SUNDAY , by the Schnauzer Electro Orchestra.

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