Manic Monday #15

Rule nr.1: You can never have to many trombone
Rule nr.2: When in doubt, add trombone
Rule nr.3: Did I mention there are strictly trombones in this tune?
Rule nr.4: You got to have a bloody good reason to use the word trombone 4 times in one post.

Thanks to DJ Draaikolk who gave me a direct order to finish this song. And he was right: I feel a lot better, now I’m in the middle of this work in progress in stead of the beginning. For some reason remixing stuff is a lot more work than composing it from the ground up, or it is just my lack of remix-knowledge. This one has been bugging me for over 2 months now, but this is the first version I am willing to share.

Time-space-warp 3:23 (raw mix)

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