Sue them!

According to Variety the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (yes kids that’s a funk-rock band, more about that later) are suing the creators of the hit-comedy serie ‘Carlifornication’. Anyone who listened to a radio for the last 10 years knows that ‘californication’ is also the name of one of the RHCP’s biggest hits.
The word ‘Californication’ comes from the word ‘ to californicate’ and appeared on many bumperstickers in the 70s. (Don’t californicate Utah!) more can be found here.

To me filling a lawsuit about this sounds a little cocky -they want to stop them using the word, and a lot of money- but it gets a little weirder : The main character in the series is called Dani California, also a name of a Chilli Peppers single. Not exactly black and white lawsuit material, but could it be that the writer of the series wanted to hint or give a little tribute to his favourite band?
The Peppers video ‘Dani California‘ features the bandmembers dressed up as Elvis, Freddy and the Dreamers, Thin Lizzy, Jimi Hendrix, but also as…Tom Petty. And to me this single sounds exactly as Tom Petty’s ‘Mary Janes’s last dance’. I don’t care about copying stuff, but let’s call it even.

(actually I only wanted to tell that I don’t like bands who smell their own armpits all the time)

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