No sigar…


Hmmm…. strange story…. The news involves me bidding on a Hammond organ I’ve been craving for all my life… Me being the highest bidder and getting an invite to inspect it, made it look very good.
The second highest bidder was there a few hours before me and he told the seller that he was willing to pay the exact same amount of money I already offered, but not a single penny more. After giving me this news the seller was looking at me. Apparently he was waiting for me to raise my own bid. (not going to happen ofcourse)
I think he wants to wait a little longer and see if someone is offering more., which seems fair to me
Still praying, if this doesn’t work out I’ll just buy a stylophone to comfort myself… close, so close…

I hope this is the very last Schnauzer-rant ever. Next Manic Monday is going to feature a ’65 Vox Continental, and its squeeking like a new-born pig already!

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