Jazz baby!

Last week I got a myspace friend request from ‘Jazz baby’.
Bands picking out random people to become their friends happens a lot but this one cracked me up hard as I heard ‘she’ll be coming round the mountains’ in a glossy big band arrangement. But upon a closer listen I discovered that this production was done by some heavy cats!
According to their website, the idea for this record was by a bay-area couple who wanted music for their new-born that they could enjoy too.
Composer/arranger/trombonist Doug Beavers took this idea and ran off to record this with a top-ensemble at the Skywalker Ranch (there you go: another geek relation!)

After hearing this I immediately ran to my studio and recorded my musical answer to this album.
I even have an album cover in my head ; Count Basie in Diapers….(not going to happen don’t worry).

Shiny Stockings (Count Basie) 0:44

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