Ike Turner

Ike Turner 5/11/1931 – 12/12/2007


Any time I see or hear something by the Ike and Tina review I get goosebumps immediately.
To me this was the best live-act that ever existed. And it was all staged composed an directed by mr. Turner.

As a guitar-player he is a legend. He even wrote the very first Rock ‘n Roll song (Rocket 88). He was the one that started it all!
I have met the man in 2001. I was trying to dig up the photo we took but it felt a little disrespectful. I’ll show that on a later stage with a witty remark.
Since that day I have this poster hanging above my side of the bed. (the wife has Janis Joplin btw)
May the GENIUS Ike Turner rest in peace.

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