Jingle Bells #3


Ever since I heard a jumpstyle version of ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ I had the idea of making a complete album with such tunes. You must understand that this ‘version’ was just a kickdrum and a synthlead. That was it, no other instruments and the crowd went wild. So I started thinking of songs nobody would touch with a ten foot pole like ‘Stairway to heaven’ or ‘My way’. The trick would be to freely give away every single song to avoid anybody making any money out of this music.
Here is a special Christmas jumpstyle version I did of ‘Jingle Bells’. I really deeply hate it, so this feels as one hour of work wasted (and 2 minutes of your time…sorry about that).

I certainly didn’t enjoy,

Jump Jingle Bells 2:23

2 Comments on “Jingle Bells #3

  1. you should follow a course of ableton with me, i can teach you how to make this in 3 minutes…. saves lot of precious time 😉

  2. This was done in Ableton… making it sound this stupid took me this long…
    The rest of the jumpstyle Christmas album is now done in 45 minutes using this template 😉

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