Manic monday #27

Last week I finished another rendition of the Extralife tune.
This was floating in the back of my mind for ages so I basically had to make it to get it out of my system. Again, not really a campy cheesy crappy Schnauzer-tune but an attempt at a techno-tune (with a campy cheesy crappy theme as the source).
Also this thing accelerated the idea Scott Johnson and I had for a while: The Official Extralife CD.  This will be a collaboration between the Extralife Radio team/comic, and the Schnauzer Radio Orchestra.
I’m really curious to find out what happens when a hugely popular podcast, which is available weekly for absolutely no charge starts offering a CD.
Are fans of the show more into mp3’s for their ipods, or are they craving for a shiny disc with cool artwork by some highly respected webcartoonists? Time will tell.
No guts no glory! I have two more releases to finish this next year, but production has started today.


Extratechno 3:20

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  1. I would probably be more likely to buy it if it was released online or on iTunes in mp3 format, but I would likely buy a CD too.

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