Manic Monday #28

Photo: Flickr CC by Attribution license by Phatbri

A work in progress this week. first of all because my hammond organ is still in restauration, and second I couldn’t be bothered to record a real rhodes because of the fake-hammond organ… There is so much going on at the same time here that I seriously considered to slow my postings down. I gave that a little thought and I came to the conclusion that I’ll always am surfing for corny stuff, so I might as well share it through this blog.
Many of the songs that are in the works now are becoming much complexer and involve a lot more time than the things I did in the past. I still like to make sketch-like music now and again, but I feel the little things are getting in the way of the big and important things.

Basically this is a tune I ordered myself to finish. This has been cooking for quiet some time now, so the minute my organ is in I’m recording the final version.


Smokers Lounge (excerpt) 1:41

3 Comments on “Manic Monday #28

  1. Dank Marco!
    Ja de Schnauzer-horns zijn van de partij (4x ikzelf op de trombone hahahaha)
    Daar had ik het ook een beetje over…. complexere proojecten, dus ook : Meer koper!

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