Carnaval 2008

Since I live in the south of the Netherlands I’m suffering from a strange fever. Yes! Carnaval has begun.
(you can compare it a little to the New Orleans Mardi grass, or the Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro, only with somewhat different music). I won’t be celebrating much this year (4 days of drinking bear heavily and behaving like an idiot is too much for me these days), I’ll just have a quiet Sunday dressed in my Beethoven-suit behaving like I’m deaf for just one day.

This song was released by a local grocery store (jumbo) and it has terrorized unsuspecting shoppers for the last week.
It wasn’t released as a single, the only way to get it is through a free download.
My reaction to this is similar to people driving by an accident…. they simply HAVE to slow down and look.
go here to download


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