SRO CD is out in the open!

The first copy of the upcoming Schnauzer CD has found his way to one lucky waitress.
I didn’t have anything to do with it
Here’s what happened.

Billy (studio mystic machine) was looking for a nice present for a resigning waitress in his favourite restaurant.
He knew she was into funky retro music so he searched this blog for anything I made in the last couple of months that would fit that bill, mastered them a little in his studio, burn a cd from that and let his wife design an appropriate cover.
So on the waitress’ last work day they had a little present for her!

The Schauzer Radio Orchestra CD-cover

At the time this idea sprung from his mind there was no way for him to reach me and he felt a little guilty doing it.
I’m sure he didn’t read the CC 3.0 license on this site because that would have told him that what he did was perfectly legal!

The reason I’m not putting every song I make up for download is because I feel a little reluctant to give something away that isn’t really finished in my mind.
Billy thinking it was good enough to burn on a CD and give it to someone special was the biggest compliment about my music I received to this date.

On the way home she text messaged him the following:

“nice tunes
recorded with love
with love Assie xxx”

Inky (Billy’s wife) handing over the loot to Assie (on the left)

6 Comments on “SRO CD is out in the open!

  1. Q: wich one is Inky?
    with this pic and your comment
    they might get it exactly….
    wrong! 😉

  2. Corrected…
    (Blond = left, dark = right)
    Which one would you rather have as your wife? 🙂

  3. Well, congratulations. This is what every budding composer dreams of! Keep up the good work, and I will continue to visit the site on a daily basis.

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