Manic Monday #30


The philicorda project is about to begin. A live recording (organ, guitar, bass, drums). This Friday we have a session planned to record the first few tracks. It’s going to be a funky grungy sounding vinyl single (the plan was, if I’m correct, to release it at first as a vinyl 45 exclusively. If it’s good enough it will appear on a Social Beats compilation in the future. I’m actually on my knees on the same adress to get the Schnauzer-CD released, but that’s a whole other story – and that also depends on my personal workflow 🙂

Let’s first see if we could get this danceable and raw enough.
What you have here is a raw pre-production of one of the tunes we are going to do (drums, guitar and bass are fake now), but since I put a bit more time in this one, I figured it might be enoyable on its own.
The final version will be posted here in a few weeks.


Diagnosis Dance – 3:12

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  1. hmm Geboerski Scohorst en Phil Wood
    Voor die live-sessie is een begenadigd tokkelaar ingeschakeld , maar ik ga zeker nog wel een keer iets verzinnen voor Raapfield… 🙂

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