Smoke on the water

Get it while it’s hot. This is all over the internet and is being removed due to copyright problems.
I have no clue what removing this song of various videosites is going to help “Ooedo No Hikeshi”. All over the messageboards people are asking for a CD or a DVD. Guess what: I couldn’t find them. perhaps due to the languange barrier, but it could very well be, that the company behind this never expected to sell any CD outside of Japan. Any Japanese people who can put me in the right direction are welcome because I am dying to learn more about this orchestra.
(to all the publishers out there: the internet is full with people like me. We listen, watch, experience, get aroused and want to know more and buy a CD. Removing this or making shure it’s not even published on the net is like making shure it doesn’t exist.)

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