Manic Monday #31

This is a raw mix of the track ‘Boogie Rash’ we did last friday. Phil Martin is responsible for the recording and mixing of this. So, although the composition is mine, I feel a bit reluctant to show off the whole track. I limited this as a one minute fragment. It’s still unclear what is going to happen with this session (45 vinyl limited, or perhaps part of a bigger project), but we all agreed that no matter what, this not the last recording session we did with the philicorda.
Heck I recorded a part with a wah-pedal and that sound instantly gave me goosebumps.
The other tunes we did were even more cheesy, but it’s very hard to pick a fragment. God I love recording with a full band.


Boogie Rash -fragment- 1:04

4 Comments on “Manic Monday #31

  1. I have just bought a Philicorda 760, I hope one day I could play in a band devoted to the weirworld of ORGANORAMA like you guys… 🙂

  2. Ja vet! Hopelijk kan ik er ergens binnenkort een op de kop tikken! Wah pedaal staat al klaar 😛

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