So, how does the monster sound?

Yes, you begged and begged. And I said no, no, no, but I did it anyway. Recorded the Hammond organ to test out my new olympus portable recorder. I just set te levels, and fiddled for 2 minutes on the ol’organ. No theme, no nothing. So there you go. 🙂


3 Comments on “So, how does the monster sound?

  1. Bought the olympus? Cool, maybe I buy it too. I want it for street sounds as well without popping noises. This sounds good, little less bass, but I can hear the depth of the room. Cool!

  2. Bass was cut off a little so Marco’s golden ears didn’t fool him.
    Windshield IS included with the ls10. I’ve done some ambient sounds and got really good results with it. Trust me, you want this thing.

  3. there’s a lot of competition too, but this thing looks small and cool. maybe I’ll email you about it. thanks for the track, that was helpful 🙂 now I want an hammond too… ;-p

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