Ode to Bacon- the naked truth!

cc-by-nc photo: &y ‘BACON MARTINI’

Here’s the story.
Len Peralta posted an ode to bacon on his blog. Reading that made something in my head click. I could totally relate to that poem, I love bacon too! So I sent an e-mail to Len immediately; what if Len would read the poem out loud accompanied by a medieval harpsichord. That way we would have a full on Shakespearean version of the ‘Ode to Bacon’. I would do the music obviously.

A few days later Len mailed me an mp3 with the vocal track. It was not done by him but by super-voice-over artist Scott Fletcher, in a Barry White/ Isaac Hayes kind of way.  (clip 1)
Out went my medieval idea, in came the sexay R&B style ode to bacon. (with only 2 days until the next jawbone radio show)

clip 1: Scott Fletcher testing his voice

I grabbed a funky drumloop I sampled a long time ago from some obscure orchestra-album, played a 2 bar bass loop and started to spread out Scott’s voice over the track.
Exactly on the day of the deadline my Fender Rhodes came out of restoration. Needless to say, the moment I tracked that instrument it instantly tied the mix together. There was no time to hire a horny female singer, so the choir was done by me (I hope that doesn’t put you off).
The huge orchestra I had in my mind for this was obviously a no go.. There was no time to hire, record, and even make an arrangement for it, so I grabbed some random trumpet and flute samples I had lying on a hard drive and added some strings. That gave the impression a grand orchestra was sitting behind Scott. Mission accomplished.

To be frankly: with a voice actor like Scott Fletcher there is no way you can screw this up. The track was finished the moment the voice-work entered my mailbox. I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve now…

Enjoy, Ode to Bacon!

Ode-to-Bacon 1:45

download: ode-to-bacon.mp3 1.7mb

Words: my friend Len Peralta
Voice-actor: Scott Fletcher
Music: Schnauzer Radio Orchestra

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  1. I know what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrowmorning…Eggs and funkymartinibaconmmmjammmy

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