now THIS is a Digital Audio Workstation! on TwitPic

Thanks to ‘Catrian’, who went through the effort of searching for this old school piece of gear in her house and getting it to me, I am now the proud owner of a new DAW.
In case you didn’t know; DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. And mine is a vintage piece of gear.
This is NOT an instrument. it is a full fletched workstation. It has 4 channels, meaning 2 pulse channels 1 wave channel and 1 noise channel. Al can be panned individually left, right or center. I’ll explain about the program it is running when the audio is finished. Heck I even found a website where they compared the sound quality of the different types of gameboys up to the Gameboy Advance. Guess what? The oldest sounded the FATTEST!
Of course it did. It looks WAY cooler than any DS out there. Image riding on the train with this thing. Old School FTW! I even heard a rumor that a few games have been released for this thing 🙂

Audio examples coming up.

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