Lego Harpsichord

Henry Lim, a musician and Lego-fanatic, build himself an instrument. From his page you can see that he already was doing 2d pictures, and even a full size statue of Queen Amidala , but this time he started out building a Grand piano. Due to the enormous amount of pressure a grand piano takes from the tension of 88 strings he figured a Harpsichord would be a more reasonable goal.

Lego-Hammond organ (easy because it is just the case, the rest is electrical)
Lego-gameboy daw…hmmm

Check his page for more pictures, the whole production process and audio-clips of the instrument.

3 Comments on “Lego Harpsichord

  1. Kun je misschien proberen iets minder te glunderen? 😛
    Deze situatie is heel erg slecht voor je workflow…. Kunstenaars moeten namelijk lijden, bloeden, en zweten… Nu zal het met het zweten wel goed zitten, maar ala.

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