Comics Coast to Coast

I just finished the official Comics Coast to Coast tune. CCtC is a weekly podcast by Brian Dunaway (missiondeep), Tom Racine (booksmart) and Justin Thompson (mythtickle) about … ehm… comics. That’s right, the three panel thingy’s you see in the paper and on the web.

Creating this tune required me to listen to a few episodes, and in one of them Brian used a party-whistle. I immediately sent my wife to the store to get me some, because I knew that, that was exactly the right angle for this thing. The rest is just whistling the theme over and over again, playing the kazoo, noseflute, programming drums, playing the organ, and loads of other stuff you don’t want to know. And there you go.

The tune was first aired: TBA.

Comics Coast to Coast – 1:17

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