New Schnauzer: Feeling Groovy

The ever expanding Schnauzer Radio Orchestra is extremely proud to present the next tune before world domination. Roughly forty years after the summer of love you are presented with this.
A production time of 6 months and a few guest appearances over the mail made this song. The longer this was sitting on my hard drive the bigger it got. Around last May I already announced this tune, and 4 weeks later I still wasn’t satisfied with the result. Luckily I was able to find a few fellow musicians who where also feeling groovy. That took this thing into a whole different direction than I expected, but made it infinitely better.  A song is never finished until it is pressed to vinyl so this will go down as the web 2.0 mix.

-edit: all tracks were submitted through the mail

My eternal thanks go to these guys:
Drums: Phil Martin
Bass: Ton vd Kolk (AIFF)
Fuzz and wah wah guitar: Marco Raaphorst
Additional guitars: Eric v.Dijsseldonk

Feeling Groovy – 4:10
download feeling-groovy.mp3 (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA0)

YES! this is also a SchnauzerStudios Production!

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