I can’t believe I didn’t mention this earlier. This was on my bloglist for ages, but here we go.
On South Park Episode 128 there is this Chinese Singer featured called ‘Wing’. I won’t spoil the plot of the episode but I’ll just say that singing talents like she has are few and far between. By accident I discovered that she was actually based on a real person, with her own website, career, discography and numerous youtube movies. The music in that particular episode is very real, and comes from CD nr.9 in her catalog.

her website is here

the full south park episode can be viewed here

for a fast youtube impression go here.

Wing on iTunes is here

Be warned though: extreme corny midi-files , and sung with a tiny little accent. But don’t let that spoil the party! (my favourite CD I found on her site is: ‘Wing sings AC/DC’, but that goes without saying.

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