Hammond Fiddling

My organ is not full time present in the Schnauzer Studios, because of all the live-gigging going on. Last Monday I had to carry the thing in for a rock-project that had to be finished this week. To do a mic-check (and also to finally do some schnauzer-recording) I allowed myself to fiddle about for 2 minutes . I added a drumloop and added some reverb, and presto, the next summer hit for the Schnauzer Radio Orchestra was done.

Hammond Fiddling

2 Comments on “Hammond Fiddling

  1. The way you describe it, you make it sound so easy. I wish I could pull off improvisation like that. (1:32 note aside ;))

    Have you ever thought about doing music for some indie games?

  2. 1:32 is my favourite moment, hehehe

    as far as indy game music:

    Indy game developers come to schnauzer!

    That would be a geek musicians dream come through.

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