Free Dr.Pepper

Never bet on something improbable. For 15 years Axl Rose was working in his new album and some at some point in time someone at a Dr.Pepper said: ‘If the New Guns’n Roses album gets released I’ll buy everyone a Dr.Pepper.  Guns ‘n Roses weren’t even in on this deal. Now, since the album release is today, the term ‘everyone’ was a bit slimmed down. By ‘everyone’ they mean everyone in the USA apart from former band members Slash and Buckethead. So regardless if your a fan, you are going to buy this album, or -like me- don’t want to come near this album within 10 yards, you can get your free Dr.Pepper here (by downloading a coupon which is valid until Februari 28. You have until 12 am EST. I tried and tried but the server was down all day. It seems America is thirsty.

—update- the site is up again, so get yours now! —

Now about this album: It is called ‘Chinese Democracy’.
You work for 15 years on one single album and this is what you come up with? I think that says a lot about Mr. Rose’s creativity. More appropriate would be:

-‘Sorry I am late’
-‘So how were the nineties?’
-‘SURPRISE!’ , or if they really want to have a Chinese angle: ‘SUPLIES!’

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