Hell just froze over

Happy New Year!
With this Tune I declare 2009 the year of the Schnauzer. It’s a bit hard describe this one; is it an original or a remix? 90% of what you hear is played in the last month. The rest is from a hard to find German 60s album. For some reason I keep going back to using found material, although it is way more work than recording an original from scratch. Note to self: do an original next week.

Vocals: Katja Hollander
Backing Vocals: The Schnauz-ettes
Philicorda organ, percussion, drums, bleeps etc: Schnauzer Radio Orchestra

Deine Platte – 3:02
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16 Comments on “Hell just froze over

  1. Pure awesomeness.
    I don’t understand the lyrics, but it’s too awesome to matter!

  2. I don’t understand half of them also. It’s just that German Language and 60s yeh yeh girls are stirring something in my mind. Perhaps we could beg “Angeblich” to translate 🙂

  3. i messed up the copy and paste…
    here the right version, if you can delete the old comment…

    Bobby, as a man, fits right into my pattern,
    Bobby invites me to drinks and records,
    Between drinks and songs he talks about the topic,
    and I say “I don’t fall for that!

  4. OOOh , Angeblich! You Rock!
    Remember kids: these lyrics are fro the 60s , playing records and drinking was the coolest thing to do back then. 🙂

  5. Hey Rob,
    I like yo’ style! Funky and danceable!
    Allow me one question please: how do you extract the vocal tracks from the original? I’ve got loads of “Beste Deutsche Schlager aus den 60ern”-Compilations at home, and I’ve always been wanting to do something similar than you did. Groetjes uit Duitsland!

  6. Sorry HerrSchmitz, there is no way what so ever to do that. I don’t have a trick up my sleeve nobody knows about 🙂

  7. Er… so how do you get the vocals so clear with such few noise from the original record?

  8. Yup, that’s me singing back in Germany’s crazy 60’s. A lot of American and English singers recorded in German back then. BTW, your Schnauzette back up singers are great! Thanks for the laughs and good cheer! Happy New Year to everyone.

  9. Considering Miss Hollanders Mail address this look very real.
    That means the most awesome thing for 2009 just happened.
    (or a fellow blogger just did the perfect prank post)
    I felt a bit reluctant at first to post MsHollander’s name in the credits. You’ll never know if there is a very strict record company still protecting every single piece of work they put out, even if they didn’t re-release it for 50 years.

    I know now where to find the first lead when I want to release the full ‘Hallo Katja 2009’ album!

    Remember kids: 60s yeh yeh girls were smoking hot. Even If they could be your grandmother right now, the hotness doesn’t degrade over time 🙂

  10. i find this very amazing! and i can finally put a language to the slight accent… (if i may asume, that you are an anglo-american singer, miss hollander…)

  11. Hi Schnauzer. Thanks for the hotness compliment. Your idea of re mixing the full “Hallo Katja” album sounds like great fun! Let’s discuss.

    Hi Angeblich. Yes, I’m an anglo-American singer, born in Los Angeles, where I now live. I’m now a music publisher (www.frederickhollandermusic.com). My father was composer Frederick Hollander (a.k.a Friedrich Hollaender). BTW, my father was over 30 years older than my mother. He too, liked hotness!

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