New song, old style

The 60s band I’m in (‘the Revolvers)’ is doing a national radio-morningshow this week. The station is playing only 60s record this week, so we feel right at home.
We do a little quiz, fiddle around during the broadcast, and we top it off by doing a 60s version of a modern song every day. It’s like doing a backwards cover if that makes any sense.

The first one we did today was Gabriella Cilmi’s ‘Sweet about me’
youtube original is here

And here is the ‘Revolvers’ version:
Sweet about me – the Revolvers 1:53

download this song

3 Comments on “New song, old style

  1. very nice! although i have to say, apart from me seldomly listening to charts-music, i like the original a lot and am waiting (should you post the following versions, also) for something i don’t like as the original, that gets a new twist by your interpretation.

  2. Darell!
    I totally forgot about doing that. Thanks!
    Time to inform the Ibbott, I think he’ll like this.

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