Thru You

A lot of stuff happening here around me. Both good and bad. I’ll save the good news for a future post and hope that the bad stuff will be over.
A minor bad thing is that I am not in this project! Kutiman Remixes youtube.  And the songs are GOOD! I mean this sums up the entire youtube music section, and turns it into something that is way more than the sum of its parts. Not only is this a brilliant idea, it is also executed in the exact right way.

Just click the above picture and all will become clear.

—->UPDATE : The site has been down since last night. The whole Internet is watching! They’ll be back, in the meantime click here for a preview :

4 Comments on “Thru You

  1. Hah. “Thank you for visiting our site! Unfortunately our extreme popularity has used up out bandwidth at the moment. Please come back tomorrow, we should be ready for you then!”

  2. What exactly is he doing to the audio on these to improve it? The source quality is generally horrible. I’d like to learn some techniques to hide that. Is it just noise removal, reverb and complimentary background music to hide the flaws? It just comes together so nicely. Pretty solid work.

  3. Some EQ , perhaps some extra distortion, and some reverb. Don’t expect a thin sounding drumtrack fatten up this way. You just have to use what you got.
    I think whenever a sample didn’t fit , he just went to search for another.
    I couldn’t spot any cheating in the background.
    This guy is just really , really , REALLY good!

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