Beatles Reunion!

That was exactly the phrase what drew my attention to watch this movie. For more than 20 years this was the monster reunion in the making everybody was dying to see and hear.
Now count to ten and realize that this is 2009 and 2 of the Beatles passed away. Basically, if you go to a Paul mcCartney concert and he calls Ringo Starr on stage to sing one single song, that is the closest you can get to a reunion.
Flashforward to 2035. Due to a living lying on his back besides the swimming pool, Ringo Starr outlived Paul McCartney  who did some extensive touring up until his death.
Start selling tickets because Ringo can set up his drums and play Carnegie hall for the ultimate Beatles reunion He’ll be singing ‘With a little help from my friends’, Yellow submarine, and do the intro from ‘Come together’ on drums as a encore, shouting : ‘What’s my name!?’


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