Beyonce sings…

This made me laugh out loud and wonder: ‘could this be real?’ I don’t want to spoil the party beforehand, but in my opinion it is. This is Beyonce in her full glory playbacking along to a DVD track. She is not hearing what she is actual singing at all. The Audience hear a prerecorded live performance and everybody is happy. Until a sound engineer decides to record the mic signal, and sync it to a backing track.

2 Comments on “Beyonce sings…

  1. Of course the official statement would be that it is a hoax.
    The audience never ever heard her sing like this.
    The clip has been altered. But they used her real voice!
    But you just try to cover your ears firmly and sing along to a track, record that and … presto!
    no matter how good you are, you have a spine chilling performance!

    This isn’t about saying: ‘You can’t sing’. this is about saying: ‘I’ve pulled a beautiful prank on you’.

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