Can he speak Dutch?

The question still remains; can Scott Fletcher speak dutch?

Over this past weekend I was in need of a voice talent badly AND with a killing deadline. I recorded the lines and sent them over to Scott so he could copy my dutch words. within 24 hours I got a sample back, with a remark at the end: “Wow! I have no idea if ANY of that is useful!”

It was, and like I stated before, a voice like that makes 99% of the promo. I just had to compose a 20 second suite under that and presto! Now Rotterdam knows they got a free jazzfestival coming up. And I’ve just made the fasted collaboration ever. (also one of my favourite DJ’s is spinning there: DJ Blue Flamingo, who spins only rare 78rpm records), now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some sleep to catch up…

Kid Dynamite Jazz Festival Promo – 0:26

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  1. I am millions of km away in the USA, but now because of this, I have no choice but to walk, fly, swim or by whatever means, be there.

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