Calve-pindakaasMy very first computer was a commodore64. I could program a little basic so I wrote some old school adventures and I could squeeze some music out of the mighty sid chip. later my dad got me an Amiga500. It got way better graphics, but even more important: it could run Protracker; a four channel music program which could trigger samples at different speeds. Professional samplers where way out of my financial reach back then, so this was the best alternative I could ever wished for.

—– below was destroyed due to a blog migration. No backup was found. I tried to finish the story like it was before—-

I started ripping samples from other songs, and collected them on 3.25 inch discs.  Later we were at this copy party. You know, huge stacks of demo discs all over the place , 24 hours of watching MTV, swapping demo’s out, and best of all: creating a demo. We had this group called the lost boys, a few guys were creating artwork, some others were coding text zoomers, and scrollers.

You guessed it, I was the nerd in the corner with a CD-player hooked up to my trusty amiga. I had this ‘Rubberen Robbie’ CD which had all sorts of funny fake advertisements. One was : “wat heb jij op je brood?……PINDAKAAS’ I ripped the vocal part from that one and started programming beats to go with it.

The tune consisted of one main theme, with an ever changing ‘verse’. The verse parts were all instrumental dutch songs. Every 45 minutes I had another verse done, the TV was shut silenced, and everybody listened in to hear the new part. That cracked us all up, and we were ready to go another hour.

I found out later that this tune turned up in demo discs and was blasting over amiga convention floors. At least that is what people who knew I made this were telling me. Heck some of them even walked up to the stand to ask the owner if he even knew who made that song. He didn’t believe them when they told him who it was.

That is all water under the bridge now, but what baffles me is the fact that I don’t remember ever making a copy for anyone, not even that very night. Well maybe I did.

Anyway I don’t own an amiga and not even all the discs anymore, but some 25 years later because of the wonder of the internet I found this file as pindakaa.mod. Doing a further search I found out that people where still talking about it as a ‘Bert en Ernie’ mod (which is ofcourse incorrect, since the samples are from Rubberen Robbie). They even stated that the mod was growing on you, and started to get better the more you listen to it.

In some weird way this has to be the very very first Schnauzer Radio Orchestra tune ever. Funny, annoying, and -what the music lovers say- very catchy.

pindakaas – old School SRO, formerly known as ‘Graveyard’
The Lost boys – Oriental – Graveyard

8 Comments on “Pindakaas!

  1. Errm… the Amiga could ALWAYS handle at least 30 character filenames. The Amiga DOS could actually handle up to 107, but the default filesystem had a 30 char limit.

  2. oh, and it was probably originally called “mod.pindakaas”. The change to “pindakaa.mod” would have happened when some MS-DOS user downloaded it.

  3. @Pete: Of course! *pats himself on the head* Thanks for clearing that up. I was typing from the top of my head.
    But what puzzles me up to this date, is how on earth could a Dos-user even HAVE this file in the first place. I don’t recall copying this disc. 😮

  4. Brilliant 🙂 Love the diminished chord in the Pindachoir.

    I once made a remix of There’s No Limit by 2 unlimited, using samples I recorded in my high school class. Great fun. I used Octamed back then, with 8 channels! I even had a MIDI interface and line in to record samples. Good times!

  5. A belated thanks for the fix! Finally some background information on this ‘legendary’ mod. Must be really amusing to get feedback on it after so many years 🙂

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