The Future is Now


Another piece done by the Schnauzer Electro Orchestra. At this stage I can’t tell what it’s for, but it’s coming to an iPod near you soon.I will be updating this post as more info is available.

Here’s my vision of 1960’s Kirk soaring through Hyperspace while a 2030’s dance party is being held in the holo-deck… (yes I mixed TOS with TNG in one sentence, I had to feed the inner geek).

Update: There isn’t a single Start Trek sample nor any ST-related stuff in this trek.. ehm track. The ST universe was taken as a way of inspiration for it.

Update 2:

10 Comments on “The Future is Now

  1. So within 2 days 2 people ask about samples used in this tune. The 3 vocal samples are from a 60s bbc doc. (don’t remember where I got that) When you find these 3 bits, the rest of the song writes itself. 🙂

  2. So funny! I could have sworn it was the voice of Captain Jean-Luc Picard…. But then again Patrick Stewart could have narrated a 60s bbc documentary 🙂

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