Winter Wonderland


What is Christmas without a SuperNES, a Stylophone, a Wurlitzer and an all girls 60s choir? Nothing, I tell you!
Since I’m breaking a few laws with this one I am not telling who are the singers nanana.
Also it is unclear where the sampling stops and where the true schnauzer-sauce is starting. I’m just telling you can leave out the ladies and still a full track is playing for your little bear-dance. (If I’m ever planning to release this legally I would have to, don’t you just love copyright law?)
This track is sort of a new years resolution. The resolution is: A whole lot more like this to come!

Anyhow, wishing you all a Happy Christmas!

(do with this track as you please. Blog about it, remix it, give it away to your worst enemies, or just do a little nerdy dance to it.)

Winter Wonderland – Schnauzer Radio Orchestra vs ??? – 3:05

download 2.8 mb

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