Nova was a ‘commercial’ side-band for the synthesizer-band Peru. This song (Aurora) was a nr.2 hit in Holland in 1983. They don’t get any simpler than this. The melody is just one phrase over 2 chords, repeated twice . The only thing that happens is that it shifts through a few keys.

Why is this music not being made anymore? Agreed writing an annoying melody like this AND record it without shooting yourself halfway the process isn’t that easy. I must say, the tunes I wrote in this style are all in the thrash. Being this shameless is something I can only bow my head in respect for.

One of the band members in Nova was Rob Papen, a now pretty famous sound-designer and writer of popular synth plugins for Mac and PC. The other band he was in -Peru- had a minor hit with ‘Africa‘. That song is a bit more experimental, but equally mind-numbing 😉

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