• Step 1.

Post an audioboo with the title “Stylophone through octaver through ringmod through space echo = instant rockband” (recorded with an iphone)

  • Step 2

Get Marco Raaphorst to steal it and remix it, and post it on his blog “melodiefabriek

Stylo Rock da Show

  • Step 3

Re-stole the mp3 from Marco’s blog and re-re-mixed it. This time stretching it 800% Justin Bieber style. The result is a 13 minute giant robot bee factory, not unfitting as a soundtrack for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre part XXIV”. The truly demented part starts at 1:22. That’s the bit where the mutated cyborg giants start to drag the bee corpses back to their factory.



And all that noise coming from a single stylophone…

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