Rutles – Lunch

Holey Crap!
This is a HUGE labour of Love. I really want to name names, but I couldn’t find who’s behind this.
Here’s the story: some anonymous fellow felt that the Rutles deserved a remix album just like the Beatles had in 2006 (Love).
Oops, sorry, backing up:
-The Rutles – “All you need is Cash” was a parody film by Eric Idle and Gary Weis. Yes you guessed it: A big shot of Monty Python-juice is in this mix. The best thing about this film is that every single song sounds exactly but not quiet like the beatles. Major credits in that department got to the legendary Neil Innes, the godfather of funny music. That movie is a whole other topic, but If you haven’t seen this, I suggest you click the above link an hunt it down (I bought my copy for 5 euro’s)

—–Back to “LUNCH”—–

This guy recreated the entire “Love” album with the Rutles parody equivalent song by song. Just like the Beatles, the Rutles received a musical overhaul in 2010 (not really but that is all part of the parody). This is taking fan art to a whole new level.

Just check out the link, and listen to the whole album. Kudos to whoever did this, I only want to stick this album on my ipod, listen to it on soundcloud en make sweet love to it, cherishing the cover art.

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Or check the hilarious official site to read more one liners and Beatle parody jokes.

4 Comments on “Rutles – Lunch

  1. I only want to stick this album on my ipod, listen to it on soundcloud en make sweet love to it

    With some audio tools, you can make an mp3 of the entire LUNCH album. 🙂

    I grabbed the FLV file from the embedded video out of my browser’s cache, and used the Pazera Free Audio Extractor program to extract the audio out of the file. Unfortunately, it’s one single forty-minute block of music, but for what I want it for it works. 🙂

  2. There’s an mp3 all ready to be downloaded via Mediafire which should be able to find with some clever Googling.
    And if you can download audio from YouTube, I saw some individual tracks there if you can’t make your own.

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