Geek improvement

And another Internet tune delivered.

The geek improvement podcast is helping you keep track of, and find the things you geek out about. They needed a geeky, uplifting intro.

Voice over by Scott Fletcher. Mixed focussed on headphone listeners (be sure not to listen to this in mono). Chainsaw was recorded without accidents!


2 Comments on “Geek improvement

  1. Scott Wilkinson has prior art use of “Geek Out!”. Or you have his permission?

  2. Nope, I don’t know who Scott Wilkinson is, nor do I a google search before combining 2 words. Sorry, but I’m just too busy creating stuff. For any lawsuits you want to file I suggest you go to I you have read the posting you would’ve known I am only responsible for doing the theme-music for this podcast.
    But to be extra sure I will burn 2 midgets anyone does a google search for “geek out’ and lands on my blog in honor of the mighty Scott Wilkinson.
    I’ll even throw in a few extra midgets anytime I use the word “Hey” in honor of the great Fonzarelli, just to make sure there will be no repeat of the famous “Happy Days” lawsuit of 1978.

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